A beautiful MESS


Today I’m here to support my fellow blogger Ali Berlinski. She recently wrote a book, a beautiful MESS, about her life, a compilation of comedic personal essay.

Its fun and quirky!



What’s the point of having a dysfunctional family if it doesn’t give you something to laugh about, or at least a party anecdote? My life has never been ordinary. Biracial, raised bicoastal between two bitterly divorced parents, with a bipolar sister and plausibly a bipolar mother as well, my life covers just about all the bi’s with the exception of bisexual (sorry to disappoint fellows). When you’re born into a family such as mine, having a sense of humor is not so much an asset as a necessary tool for survival. Until 19, arrogant asshole that I am, I believed myself immune to life’s hardships. I had already seen life’s worst and it didn’t scare me. How quickly that all changed once my ex boyfriend died, delivering the first of what would be many reminders that life can be challenging. Eventually, I hit my breaking point, probably when I decided to break up with my celebrity ex-boyfriend, and divorce my mother. Usually, when a girl is heartbroken she gets a terrible haircut, buys a new dress, tries some new diet fad, or a combination of all three. I however, quit my job, moved to Spain, and wrote a book. Allow me to allay your fears; this is not another Eat, Pray, Love. I am not here to spoon feed you another self righteous story about how I traveled to a distant land where I ate a lot, found myself and happiness. Though truthfully, that did all happen. Rather, allow me to tell you the much more interesting back-story of how I came to Spain and the madness that drove me here. A beautiful Mess is a compilation of short stories about life experiences but more importantly relationships. Though the stories are told through my life experiences, the relationships within the book are relationships we all know, have shared and in some cases, have lost. Like everyone else, I am but a product of my relationships. While my life is a mess, it’s a beautiful one, and the only mess I know. I’d be a fool not to love it.

Read a chapter, grab a copy, and for every book you buy, a book is donated to CHARITY!

I already got my!




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