Prince Charles and the Aliens


The Prince Charles Cinema (PCC) is a repertory cinema located in Leicester Place, London. It shows a rotating program of cult, arthouse, and classic films alongside recent Hollywood releases – typically more than ten different films a week on two screens (285 seats downstairs and 104 seats upstairs). It also hosts the sing-a-long version of The Sound of Music, which has been shown on a regular basis for over five years, as well as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Joseph. The cinema has achieved a cult status among fans, sticking out as the only independent cinema in the West End.

But it isn’t just the films that make the PCC what it is – it’s the people who go to watch them. PCC fans are film fans – and they have incredibly diverse taste including the classics and the moderns, the funny and the sad, the silly and the naughty. The films shown are from different genres, decades, styles and countries and the viewing audience reflect that variety.

Last night I went to the Prince Charles cinema to watch Alien Quadrilogy, all 4 Alien movies in one night. Started at 6:20pm and finish at 3am. Was a great experience, especially because Alien it’s my favourite film of all times, CLASSIC!

Brilliant! If you have the chance to go I definitely recommend.




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