10 Things You Never Knew About GUINNESS…



Check out these great facts about the Black Stuff…

1. The perfect pour takes 119.5 seconds – The trick is to angle the glass at 45-degrees, pause, and finish pouring until the glass is filled – for a better head and a smoother taste.

2. One in three pints consumed every day in Ireland is GUINNESS – they love their GUINNESS in the Emerald Isle, although the UK consumes the most in the world.

3. There are 170 calories in every pint – which means that despite the classic full-bodied, creamy taste, GUINNESS has fewer calories than a pint of semi-skimmed milk or orange juice.

4. GUINNESS was taken to the South Pole in 1909 by Australian explorer Sir Douglas Mawson. It does taste great chilled!

5. The harp logo used by GUINNESS is nearly the same as Ireland’s – with one difference being GUINNESS faces to the left and Ireland’s to the right.

6. Around 7% of the entire Irish barley crop goes to the production of GUINNESS – Along with water, hops and yeast, barley is one of the big four ingredients in the Black Stuff.

7. The water used by GUINNESS was nearly cut off in 1775 – a Dublin Corporation committee & sheriff were sent to fill in the watercourse from which the Brewery drew its supply. However Arthur Guinness refused them access.

8. Africa accounts for a large proportion of GUINNESS sales, with Nigeria regularly ranking in the top three countries.

9. Keeping Beer was the name of an early GUINNESS product, highly hopped and produced for the country trade in Ireland. Launched in 1801, it was replaced by Country Porter, which itself ceased brewing in 1852.

10. Drilling holes in ping-pong balls was part of the experimentation used in the creation of the widget – the final insert for cans looks not unlike the table tennis accessory. The widgets have an opening through which nitrogen squirts when the can is cracked open.







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