Retro Futuristic Pictures



Several people, throughout history have tried to predict what life would be like in a society in the future. From massive infrastructures, buildings, roads, vehicles to spaceships and outer space habitats.

Personally, I find it fascinating to pick up a magazine from 20 or 30 years ago and look at some illustrations that try to predict “what the future will be like”. Some pictures are completely delirious – at least for now – but others are incredibly visionary. In this German website Retro-Futurismus, I found a very interesting set of retro, futuristic illustrations.
The authors don’t supply an awful lot of information (the website is entirely in German) about what triggered this project, but it mainly consists of organizing and cataloguing German and Austrian visionary works. Apparently the goal behind this effort is to incite scientific investigation in these countries, which, according to the webmasters, has gone downhill since the 70s, when some anti-science and anti-technology feelings began developing within these societies – an opinion I personally don’t agree with.
Regardless of their intentions, the illustrations are very good. Strictly for aficionados.











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