Charlie the Unicorn



Charlie the Unicorn is a Flash animated short film and viral video directed, produced, animated, and written by Jason Steele of independent film company FilmCow. The film follows the life of Charlie, a lethargic unicorn, and two other unicorns who bring him on an allegedly magical adventure to the mythical “Candy Mountain”.


The video was a viral hit, accumulating 50 million views and gaining worldwide praise. A merchandising line was later produced featuring the video’s characters and famed quotations, as well as two sequels, Charlie the Unicorn 2 and Charlie the Unicorn 3, released in 2008 and 2009, respectively, and a parody series titled Charlie teh Unicron, created by Steele in 2010. All three videos in the series were released to DVD in 2009 under the title The FilmCow Master Collection.

What is the door?
The door is everything… all what once was and will be… The door controles time and space.. Love and death.. .
The door can see into your mind!
The door can see into your soul!
Really? The door can do all that?
Heh… no.

So, seat tight and let The Magical Liopleurodon show you the way to the Candy Mountain… Choo choo…

Charlie! Look up to the blablablas
Charlie! Look up to the blablablas




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