London 2012 Olympics by numbers




It’s here. The greatest show on Earth.

Seven years ago, Dame Kelly Holmes and Steve Cram bounced around Trafalgar Square upon hearing the news that London had been awarded the Olympic Games.

And now the time has come. Things came full circle yesterday when the Olympic torch was welcomed to Trafalgar Square by thousands of people.

A winning start for Great Britain’s women’s football team and a Korean flag foul-up aside, the Games begin properly tonight with the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

Film director Danny Boyle’s vision for the event may have looked like the set of Postman Pat when it was unveiled in model form last month, but reports from the dress rehearsals have been positive. Amazingly in this technological age, the event has become the best kept secret in Britain.

Tonight’s ceremony will set in motion more than two weeks of sporting action. Medals will be won, records will be broken, tears will be shed, toys will be thrown out of the pram and the sun will shine. Okay, perhaps one of those things cannot be guaranteed.

Away from the track, the field, the pool and the arenas, other questions will be answered too. After weeks of criticism of the handling of Olympic security, will things run smoothly? Will London’s transport system cope with one million extra people?

Whatever happens over the next few weeks, the world will be watching.

Let the Games begin.








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