“My White Trash Family”


For the past ten years Philadelphia-based artist Kim Alsbrooks has been painting miniature portraits on trash. Her series “My White Trash Family” began when she became interested in historical biases in art, and specifically portraits painted during the watercolor on ivory era (17th-18th century).

Alsbrooks has produced over 600 paintings since it started. All beverage cans are pre-flattened, mostly by passing cars or trucks, and chooses a portrait to fit each specific piece of trash. She gessoes them, draws the image in graphite, paints with oils and varnishes.

Have a look at a selection of her paintings below.

kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-01 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-02 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-03 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-04 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-05 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-06 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-07 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-08 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-09 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-10 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-11 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-12 kimalsbrooks-whitetrash-13



via artnau


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