Custom Built Orchestra


Musician and sound artist Diego Stocco is known for his unique multi-track music videos that combine sounds sampled from common objects and modified instruments. In his latest video Custom Built Orchestra Stocco endeavored to create nearly a dozen custom instruments, some completely from scratch and others from instruments he acquired with structural defects that he then altered to create new musical devices. The result is pretty amazing.



See the full details of the project over on Behance.




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  1. *Dar šis video galÄ—tų bÅ«ti Evil Genius Jobso sÄ…mokslas, teroristinis i&ua;roncpsolis prieš Google… 🙂 Arba rimtai vienÄ… dienÄ… iš didelio rašto totaliai išeina iš krašto..

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